[Verse 1]
Know I'm with the business
Throwing up them triple sixes
And my fam got lots of riches
But i ain't taking, earn for myself
Take an award, put on my shelf
Pray to the lord, but his ears deaf
I guess i gotta face my fears
Seeing the truth, everything clears

[Verse 2]
Walked out the house
Faded at the 2 in the morning
And i hopped in the car
Super tired always yawning
Then i drove, around town
It was perfect for exploring
Then the bridge, i was on
Just collapsed without a warning

[Verse 3]
Wanna test your luck
Bitch i dare you
Wanna come step up
Bitch i dare you
Your face will get struck
I won't spare you
Cut up all yo guts
I prepare you
Seasons all yo parts
For the menu
Know i got the pots
I filet you
Wanna come around
Bitch i dare you
Hating on my sound
Run up with my crew
[Verse 4]
Im not crying, leave no fucking clues
Happening on the inside, nothing new
Battle in my mind, but I'll push through
Have no idea of what to do
All i wanna do is speak the truth
But im gonna find my way
Im not in a hole, no im not screwed
People think I gotta act okay

[Verse 5]
Tick tock
Tick tock
Time just won't stop
So i climb a tall rock
So big i unlocked
The view to all Iraq
I hike down, with my pack
Full of drugs, and some snacks
I stop abrupt upon a black cat
That will attack, if i dont do something fast
It must've followed my track
I see a crack then push it back
It fall right down and make a smack
I gotta leave right to my shack
I pull the lever cock it back
On little n***a that will lack