The Message

[Verse 1]
Money go-getter
What's her name, I'll get her
Fuck the fame, just came
I'm a young Memphis n***a
In my Jordan flip-flops with my hair in a knot
With a knot in my socks
And my chest in a slot

All I fucking know is sex, money, and to rob
In a all white charger looking like the fucking Rock
On the block with the pot
Looking hot
For the cream of the crop
Don't stop
Fuck a cop
Do it till your heart drop

Pussy n***a I'm the realest
I don't gotta act tough
Pussy n***a I'm the chillest
Riding in a black truck
Full of bad white women
N***as wanna act up
Leave his ass dissected
I'm that n***a, act like you get the message
Boy you not shit so stop flexing
Yeah, I'm the boy that your girl texting
If you want something
Little n***a fetch it
Imma have to give bitches lessons
Your face is your essence
Your body when naked
It is a blessing, to see you
It's my pleasure to meet you

[Verse 2]
N***as really wanna keep up
Your style don't change
Can you please speed up?
I create things
Just wet my feet up
Most n***as made things I don't wanna speak of
I relate things that you wanna dream of
Standing in the rain with a blunt and a mug
The pains in my songs
I don't really need love
I know how you feel
But I don't need us