[Intro: Streetlife]
Yeah, word up
Trapped up in this b*t*h, on the run
As usual, you know me, trynna get on
N***as frontin', on the don, f**ked up
But it's real, word up (yo, yo)

Description, brown skin male, last seen
With Keyon father, weighin' up grams on the scale
I'm out of order, kidnap the general's daughter
Left her b*** naked for dead, on the south of the border
How surveillance got my moves on watch?
They got me labeled as the criminal
Master mind, behind the plot
Watch me call a Makaveli like Pac
Fake my own death, relocate, set up shop
I keep a picture with, all my kids, buried in
A stash box with a Glock, write next to the bridge
Just in case I gots to go on the lamb
Live off land, sleep in vans, and eat out of cans
Yo, my life is like the rolling for dice, I been
Stereotyped, I don't care what the media write
I'm scarred for life, that's why I walks with a knife
Catch me in back of the church, f**kin' the preacher's wife
[Chorus: Streetlife]
Description, brown skin male, last seen
Last seen, last, last, last heard

Last heard, five eleven, brown skin male
N***as get poked in jail, while I'm stressin' for bail
N***as know the kid bangin' for real, bangin' this steel
Raised in the field, where you kill or be killed
Walk the walk, if you talk the talk, my words is real
I'm a predicite, they call me fingers in jail
My name ring rings, from Clinton to Sing-Sing
To C-74, one lower bing, feel me
The feds probably killed me, cuz bodies is droppin'
And I ain't stoppin' until I'm filthy
Word on the street, he was last seen in Philly
Description, as far as I can recollect, y'all lost respect
Lost the right, to talk about, bustin' your techs
Once the name's on the affidavit, statin' your sex
If you the reason n***as up north, increasin' they reps
Then you know, every pull up is to pop your neck
It ain't no poster on the block, if you ain't got respect
My description is so low key, hate to be mentioned
It's out of sight, I play the distance
I do my dirt all by my lonely, from my
Past experience, f**k a Co-D
My only fam is a gun, I can trust to hold me
N***as is evil, shoutin' they got love for me