Two Words (Remix)
[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
Two words, rap star, one question, why me?
You doubt, go ahead, come and, try me
But please don't act like I'm looking for a label to sign me
I lay low, these days go by and no one finds me
Even though I'm amongst the shadows
And my life here is grimy
On the outside, I stand out in a crowd
I'm a shining example, clearly defined
You and I are not the same
You don't abide by the rules
Or try to stay true to the game
Fame and fortune are not present
Or part of my essence
Cause I've learned my lesson
On how to count my blessings
Stay humble, point to heaven
Step back, let Jesus step in to guide me
He reminds me I don't need any other weapon
Two words, done here, what's next? One year
To prove, my worth, I'm certain, no fear!