High Five (Remix)
[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
You talk too much, big mouth like a pelican
Trying to act hard but really you're quite delicate
Say you got stories, well go ahead - tell again
The one about the girls who were jiggling like gelatin
I'm first place medalin', opponents back pedalin'
They too scared they're never gonna settle in
Skills so definite, this verse is the evidence
What can I say? I'm like a wrecking ball wrecking it
Recognize relevance, plus the prevalence
Must be possessed 'cause I'm spittin' so devilish
Real gritty bars with some high class decadence
Standing ovation - my crowd they never sit
One more reason why I will never quit
I'm throwing up my hands, you bet I'm gonna relish it
Message to my doubters, this is what I'm telling 'em!

[Verse 2: FR33STYLE]
Hit the first verse so hard
I might let it resonate
Shots going down, makes me tough to guard
It's like I play for the NBA
Some of you never thought I'd make it this far
Now I move at a steady pace
Told you once before I'm gonna be a star
I'm a rap game heavyweight
Watch how quick I elevate
While I'm at the top, I'm gon' levitate
Relax real fast and meditate
Then hit the streets and celebrate
Everyday I find a better way
To rap things up I better get a raise
Yes I'm in the race and I love the chase
And I'm not gonna stop til I'm in first place
Flipping the rhythm, switching the system
Bar after bar I'm giving them wisdom
They looking abysmal, feeling real dismal
They acted so shocked when I'm poppin' the pistols
Bullets in fistfuls, rockets and missiles
Don't know why they try to make life so blissful
In reality, that thinking is wishful
More chance of getting a girl with a whistle
Throat kinda scratchy feeling hella good though
Getting so pumped up for a mellowing soul
Let's start it up - Ferrari Enzo, let's go!
See how I'm riding to the top
Now all my views are aerial
'Cause I done 'bout killed this track
I'll see you at the burial