[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
Rah, rah, like a dungeon dragon
Hat to the side and these pants are saggin'
Not sure why all these kids are braggin'
Cause everyone behind my tuned-up Ferrari
While they're lagging in their broken down station wagon
How could they offer me the bottom line
And try to pay me minimum wage?
When the sky is the limit
Cause I blew the roof off the stage
Well they're feeding me anger
I'm getting souped up on rage
Ready to bust out
Like a lion in its cage, Ahh!
Just cause I'm a beast doesn't mean I have to be filthy
Nice guys finish last?
Yeah, we'll see
Cause I'm tired of these posers trying to demean my meek demeanor
Saying "How could an insect like you possibly be a leader?"
Well here comes the sun
Led by a Beatle
Yeah, I got a mind as sharp as the tip of a needle
When I speak up
You can hear the pin drop in the street
When my pen drops on these
Beats the democracy of those in their seats
Cause their only option is to listen to me!
But I can't feel their pain cause it's all felt viscerally
I'm too intelligent and at the top
How could you be missing me?
So insane, they might as well be arresting me
With the best bulletproof vests
Meant to protect 'em from the shots coming at their chest
And perfect how to deflect the red dots on their eyes
Meant for their demise
My surprise attack is like the flash of a camera
Packed with ammo, backed with stamina
And the gamma rays that blaze through my laser
Shocked by the waves and fazed by my taser
Dazed by the many ways I can play ya
You a player, I'm a baller
Next time call up the column
And have 'em holler 'bout how I'm better than all of 'em!