Here’s Your Introduction
[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
Now I'm not the second Eminem, but I'm the first FR33STYLE
The freshest new rap talent that you've heard in awhile
Give me a minute, let me tell you what I'm all about
Cause by the end I know you'll be convinced beyond all doubt
That each time I go in, I'm giving a hundred percent
I find that statement to be quite evident
So hold up on your judgment cause you haven't heard me out yet
Trust me, my verses are so outrageous
Yeah, my rhymes are sick because they're so contagious
Hustlin' everyday trying to reach greatness
You know I'm keeping it real because you cannot fake this
Once you hear a few songs I'll be sure to end up on your playlist
Cause my thoughts are conceptual, my word choice intellectual
Put the two together, the output is respectable
So incredible, I'll be spittin' harder than llamas
While I do this in my pajamas
Cause I wrote this in my sleep, though it's not what it seems
But it's not too far a leap, cause I'm just getting out my dreams
My life's not full of riches but that don't matter
Cause I got everything I could ever ask for
But it ain't handed to me on a silver platter
I work hard to get to where I am so I'll stick to the plan
My suggestion for you is to kick back and relax
Take some time and soak it all in while you listen to these tracks