[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
Yeah, I'm out here with my homeboys
Starting to rep our game and make some noise
First thing to get down, our lives are crazy
Partying and balling like my boy R.A.D
Yeah, that's exactly how we play 'em
Going hard is our major hype-man K-Lem
Bringing light to a dark world cause our rhymes shine
Get a spotlight on us, cause this is Primetime
Give me a sec to speak the storyline
Uh, here we are, back again
Coming off another big time upset win
We can feel the heat, and all the hatred
Is it really our fault we're so underrated?
Cause now we piqued your interest cause we're fittin' to test your patience
After you heard us, the game ain't been the same since
We grabbing your attention, like a snake and its rattle
That's our warcry means we're ready for battle
You can try but we'll never sign any treaties
Ain't no stopping 'til we get on a box of Wheaties!
Cause everyone is committed and every attack is merciless
We'll stop at nothing less than reaching complete success
'Til this group is declared as the best of the best!