[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
Yeah, the witless they be dissin' me
With rumors made fictiously
I try to handle it sophistically
Cause they can't explain the mystery
You should look at it optimistically
Cause you're about to witness history!
Each time I go in there's no lack of emotion
Please take that as a notion to my devotion
I'm ready to step up like a promotion
You're a silent witness and the murderer of tracks just entered the courtroom
I can tell because you become nothing but speechless
When those speakers of yours boom
My rhymes are whole, cause they're written spherically
It's impossible to match up to what I'm spittin' lyrically
Keeping it old school like a snapback
I'm bringing to the table what all your rap's lack
My flow so cold, it'll send chills through your body
I plan on taking over the world, but I'm not Illuminati
Those who always attack me have been takin' awhile to get back at me
Maybe they're stunned by my rhymes and rich analogies
And realized the reality, that they can't handle my originality
They laugh now while they looking down at me
But they'd be a fool to go ahead and try and challenge me
Cause I'll never back down from a challenge
Cause I got more than normal talent
When I rap you feel surrounded, so spread the word man!
Go announce it!
Those who think they can top me, are free to come and find me
But their efforts are useless, cause they're way too far behind me
S-S-S-Stutterin' like something's stuck in the transmission
It's funny cause they can't take in what they're dishin'
Good thing I always listen to my own intuition
But I'm wishin' they would realize the full potential of my vision
Cause my ingenuity puts me up in this high position!
Trust me, it takes alot for me to become scared
I dare you to try and catch me feeling unprepared
I got words running through my head endlessly
And form 'em to fit my special recipe
My haters got no right to be questioning me
Cause they can't mess with what's predestined to be
I'm a king, so my subjects should subject to me!
Cross me the wrong way, you'll end up on a rocky road
Cause you know that I've shown I'm on a level of my own
You try and jump the gun, better prepare to bare the load
Step against our group, I'd be quite cautious
Cause the roller coaster we'll send you on could make you a bit nautious
So I wouldn't try to stop us
To be honest, I suggest you watch us
Cause we keep this strictly business, so I hope you get this
You should feel honored to have the chance to be a witness!