[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
I'm lonely and I know it
I feel it but never show it
I'm coming from the background of a poet
So take all that knowledge you had of me before and dispose it
Stop acting like I live a life of ease
Complete with many luxuries, please
I've had moments that brought me down to my knees
Where people try to build me up with these sky high expectations
And then I become disappointed cause it always ends up in frustration
So with anger flowing through my veins
I swore I'd never come back again
I wish I could go back and do it again
But I'm not asking for a perfect life
Just thinking how much better it could've been
Oh, I know I can't hold on to the past forever
Cause this pain will not last forever
But I need time to get over this speed bump
And life keeps on moving faster than ever
They didn't backstab me, they said it to my face
So I got no one left beside me, the world's a cold place
But I grabbed an extra coat and sweater
Just to make it through the weather
I used to not know any better
But I'm finally starting to put it all together
Seriously, some people can't lessen their aggresion
There's so much oppression, feels like the Great Depression
Well hell if it's a recession, I ain't stressin'
I'll keep on pressin' cause these struggles are incessant
A better life is what I'm working toward
When I put my finger to the sky, I say "Thank you Lord!"
I hope that you realize that when I say "I'm done!"
That my real journey has only just begun