Right Where I Wanna Be
[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
Yeah, I'm on the verge of having an urge
To resurge the ones fake rappers discourage
So they can take courage from my words
Cause a new generation of rap stars are about to emerge!
Which means my position is transitioning
So I hope you've been listening to these flows Ive enlisted in
Cause they turned out exactly how I envisioned them
I'm so unconventional my mental credentials are continental
So essential like my potential that's monumental
Comparing me to you? I've never seen a more insane differential
It's too bad y'all illiterate
Cause my style's so deep, you need to read more into it
Oh, are you into it? Then why you rapping 'bout what you're fittin' to get?
You're trying to talk intelligent of what I can tell of it
But really you're irrelevant, much too delicate
You don't know how to spit so I guess I'll have to teach you proper etiquette
Cause no matter how ill you think you are, you're not as sick as hip hop
Who's coughin' in its coffin
That means it's alive, it's just buried underground
Waiting for someone to dig up its treasure
But I've had the pleasure of hanging around in the lost and found
Where I'm bound to verbalize my objectives until the rap game is renowned
Cause I put the cease in deceased, bring it from its knees to its feet
And make it stand up like a comdeian
But I won't be laughing if I have to repeat it again
Good thing I take all my anger to feed my pen
And write down the lyrics to the game that I need to win!
[Hook: FR33STYLE]
Can't you see? I'm right where I wanna be!
Cause where I am now is not where I'm gonna be
So go ahead and make fun of me
Soon you'll see what kind of tragedy this has to be
Cause man, I'm right where I wanna be!

[Verse 2: K-Lem]
Right now, I'm exactly where I wanna be
At the top of the game, I'mma straight up G
My rhymes are crazy, no insanity
Never been a fan of me? The you should never plan to be
I don't see my haters just my homies
Short, tall, black, white, but never phony
Real G's is who we are
Shining bright see us coming from afar
We real big guess you could call us solar
Y'all little babies sitting comfy in your tiny stroller
While we sitting good up in the hood
No, I don't bang and never ever would
But if I could I'd do it with ease
Like I said, I'm a straight up G
You? You're just a wannabe, we really taking over
The rap game is a PS3 and we the controller
We fly! No, not like G6's - we way flyer than them far east bitches
No haters and please no snitches
Cause y'all only get stitches
We here and ready to take over this business!
[Hook: K-Lem]

[Verse 3: FR33STYLE]
Well, the ball's on my court so I'm ready to serve
If I'm in front of your fastball, then I'm ahead of the curve
And I'm riding in the fast lane so I don't have to swerve
My girl pinched me, said I gotta lotta nerve
Still didn't wake up from this dream that started with a few written words
And I ain't on a diet - I'm eatin' just desserts
So I finally get what I deserve!
Cause I took a shot and paved the way, got granted one wish
So now whether hook shot or fadeaway they all go swish!
Haters can't stand all the skill that I've displayed, now they're dismayed
Cause I was harder than they are now back when I was in sixth grade
Such a catastrophe that they have the audacity to be blasting me
While I'm expanding the capacity of my mastery massively
My response is that it's nonsense, like your dreams in your subconscious
Those who doubt me, I'll knock 'em out 'til they're unconscious
'Til they're flat on their back, lying on their haunches
Cause I'm gonna take off, only question's 'bout where the launch is
It takes a minute for you to write your crap
While it takes me weeks to perfect my craft
So yours is just a fraction of what I do, compare it to the aftermath!
Cause each one of my lines is a science
Meant to remind us who's the finest
Hey, I might be biased, but I don't take too kindly to defiance
So your best option is probably to form an alliance
But you'd have to add a verse as dope as mine to be considered my adversary
Sadly, I don't think you have enough phrases in your vocabulary
So I guess your success will still be like all your friends - imaginary!
[Hook: FR33STYLE]