Long Night’s Findings
[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
Right now, I'm wishing I could run away
From these fears that return each day
The ones that turn these blue skies gray
The ones that've made me lose the way
Feelings I can no longer overlook
Foundations I no longer want shook
The elephant's here, back in my room
Bringing its shame, its doubts, its gloom
Pain once forgotten, remembered so soon
Declaring this mood of despair and doom
Above my head these dark clouds loom
Covering quick my night's full moon
Opportunities lost, options in danger
Instead replaced with pain and anger
The man in the mirror has become a stranger
Followed by conscience, yet they both remain here
Trying to convince me to never let go
Of the ghosts of my past, the ones I won't show
How it feels to release them, I may never know
Because the weight that they carry is such a heavy load
Now tears begin to leave me, they cry out for help
But in no way relieve me as I'm left to myself
Why won't they believe me? This is bad for my health
No more will they grieve me as I reach up on the shelf
To wipe away the signs of weakness and insecurity
But still leave behind a trail of honesty and purity
I rushed outside to go and grab some fresh air
So I stood under the stars in wonder of all that's there
A few moments passed and all my feelings sifted
Through this connection I felt, my mindset was shifted
A reminder from God, who made me so gifted
So at the same time, my prayer and my problems were lifted