Hustle & Grind
[Hook: FR33STYLE]
Hustle and grind
Got that hustle and grind
Yeah, my hustle and grind
Comin' line after line
Hustle and grind
Got that hustle and grind
Yeah, my hustle and grind
Everything that I define

[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
From '93, can't you see? Already made the major league
Started at the bottom, now I'm leader of the team
Motivation stays high, got Common's Blue Sky on repeat
Gotta do whatever it takes to keep these blue eyes on the dream
You see, what I'm doing now is more than what it seems
This low profile kid about to step out and reign supreme
I mean, you have to give them a show
Something that they'll beg to see
'Cause an artist's ultimate goal is to leave with a legacy
So I'm on my rise to success, quickly climbing the ladder
With expectations shattered, my enemies are getting madder
You should know when I play the game
I end up with rings like Saturn
Because I never box myself in or try to stick to a pattern
Point is, you're never comfortable riding the fence
So I'ma let you know how it goes and put this thing to rest
You say that you the best? Well I'ma prove that I'm the bestest
Like Rick Ross, I'ma boss! Can't you see that from my necklace?
I'll keep rolling out these strikes, like ten straight X's
Yeah I'm relentess, that's 300 more crossed off my checklist!
[Hook: FR33STYLE]

[Verse 2: FR33STYLE]
Man, a rapper as a role model? That's an impossible job!
Well I'm definitely not the first one
But I'll still try to defy the odds, I mean
I like to take it like a puzzle, one piece at a time
Boy you can't put me on a muzzle, I'm never ceasing to rhyme
Yeah my flow's invincible, your show's invisible
They can't hang on, my bars are set too high
Theirs fade away that's why they got no reply
It's funny how I go deep on the play like a pass route
When all I really do is run things - Smashmouth
I cleared my mind good, took the trash out
Completely removed it from the scene just like my last doubt
So when they look at you, they'll think unreliable
But when they see what I've put together
The progress is undeniable!
Man, they can try to hate, people always try to stifle power
I'll rise above anyway and become an icon like the Eiffel Tower
So I wouldn't say I'm underrated, just underestimated
But trust me, I'll be able to know when I made it
'Cause I'll hear it everyday when all the people sayin!
(He got that)

[Hook: FR33STYLE]
[Verse 3: FR33STYLE]
Now you'll look back like 'Aww, I should have known it!'
'Cause this time right here will always be my moment
They may want to copy my style, try to find a way to clone it
I'll do everything in my power to never ever condone it
This my hustle and grind and I will forever own it
That's why I'll never feel the need to back down from any opponent
Man, I can't hear y'all, I'm all the way turnt up
My flow ran across your flow and left yours burnt up!
I keep it cool in the shade, but I still end up stunnin'
'Cause I'm sharpening my blade from all this runnin' and gunnin'
I'm ready to go hunting for the money and get more bang for my buck
Stack the cash in the back, and the antlers in my trunk
Everyone who used to be in front 'bout to be outta luck
'Cause I'll be shooting down whatever they lobbed up, those lame ducks
Who are blind to the fact that I got a grind like Royce Da 5'9
I'm inclined to break your spine and leave you paralyzed
The day you find out that I'm lyrically defined will leave you terrified
It'll put a spinnin' in ya head from these beats that I administer
Guess that's what happens in a game so sinister
So if I'm not a starter, you can bet that I'ma finisher!