[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
Let me tell you 'bout that, when I hear chit-chat
That I'm coming, click-clack
And I'm gonna strike back 'cause I'm on the right track
Where you all might lack, so you'll hear the mic crack
'Cause I'm spittin' hard like that!
A young artist in the making, works his hardest when he ain't seen
Yeah, so hard that he's aching, tried to move on but it's painstaking
Now the crowd's in for a rude awakening
Got the whole earth quaking, shaking, to the point of breaking
But that's exactly why it's mine for the taking!
These other rappers are one trick ponies
I can't hear 'em, they must be a little hoarse
But as for me, I'm versatile
I'll destroy you on any course
Yeah, I cut myself off from those who expect me to lose
So the only ties I have left are on my neck and my shoes
I'm on a mission, I gotta finish it
And diminish 'em, it's a malicious divison
My competition can't match my compositions
Got 'em feeling superstitious
Man, this black cat can be vicious
If I cross your path better turn around and run the other way
'Cause you weren't invited, and this is a game only some can play
You'll never break my stride, I'll slow down for no one
Call me what you want but remember, it takes one to know one
When have you ever known me to take a day off?
Man, I'm still working hard in jeans and a tank top
Trying to get this stress off my chest
My conquest is nothing less than aggressive
Gotta get 'em to learn their lesson
And give me respect with no question!
If I'm not, go ahead and tell me who's the best then!
Don't hide it from me, let me hear what they're sayin'
Trying to explain to me who's their favorite, it's so blatant
I'ma knock their pride down to the pavement!
Then I'll smack 'em to the back and make 'em retract the statement!
And say 'You're welcome for the correction!'
Man, I'm tired of receiving honorable mention
That matter's a lost cause now as I accept my award with scattered applause
I stand up and laugh with a fist pump and a victorious stance
For those who never gave me a chance or a passing glance
'Cause this passionate man demands an answer and fast!
You knocked me down once, I hit you back three times now were even
For those who doubt my presence, I'm the one you should believe in!
I got nothing to fear because I am my own superior
From way up here everything else is inferior
The best in my field so that means I'm the clear leader
And since you on the sidelines you can play the cheerleader
Now I see the crowd's hands that they're throwing up
Saying I'm heaving brilliance, I ain't nothing special
Just got an extra dose of over-achieving resilience
This track took my breath to make it
That's why it's breathtaking
The view from the top of the world could never be mistaken
That's why a skill set like mine should never be forsaken
Well, life's gonna hit me hard, I'ma keep on hurtin'
Surrounded by constant danger, but I'ma keep on flirtin'
After all, there's only one thing that I know for certain
Is showtime ain't over 'til they close the final curtain
The name's FR33STYLE and to be a legend is my mission
Give me eight years, trust me, I got that 20/20 vision!