Push: Restart
[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
Lord, sometimes I forget about you, but you remember me
Something that I struggle with, still trying to find an identity
I have trouble always following me, those few sins especially
That break me down quickly, emotionally and mentally
I should know better, realize when I'm tempted
Nobody's perfect and I know I'm not exempted
I watched this hill become a mountain and now it looks big to me
Cause I didn't cross it when I should've and it cost me my dignity
It's been too many years and I can't bear
To look in the mirror cause it grinds my gears
I feel the pressure, but not from my peers
A few times I shed some tears
But now it's time to finally deal with these fears
And make some changes to negate the dangers
Turn my pages and start a new chapter
Cause a fresh outlook on life is what I'm after
Crying out, 'Save me Lord, save me from what I've been praying for!'
Cause another mistake is not one I can afford!
My friend said life's about the live and learn
Still, I feel like most times I can't discern
He replied back, 'Well, I suppose there's always room for improvement'
But I swear, if it happens one more time I'll just lose it!
Because I find so many times I, myself am tired of excuses
I've been given so many privileges so why must I abuse them?
Maybe I'll never understand, yeah I find it kind of bizarre
Even though I know the consequences, I still end up going too far
Times when I'm not in a good or conscious mental state
Being bothered by these monsters that cause my stress level to elevate
Man, these actions used to make me feel guilty!
Sadly, these are now the things I do feeling guilt-free
What have I done? Streak of terror, what have I begun?
Guess I'm not ready, I'll end up a wreck
If I don't get this ship steady
Really, this isn't a rap, this is my prayer
And now I'm putting it all in His care
'Cause as soon as I try to put it behind me
The next thing always seems to remind me
And the fight continues on inside me
Controlling the smallest aspect of my life
Leading me to this unnecessary strife
I'm feeling guilty for forgetting the foundation that built me
I wanna walk through the open gate before it's too late
Decide on a new fate and start out with a clean slate
Already hoping the scars aren't perminent
My 100th chance, I haven't earned it
But the lesson, I learned it 'cause it left me burned from it
And forgiveness, I've yearned for it
Now I'm going in with a new determinate
So it's time to wake up, start to shape up
Take up my cross and keep my faith up
And make a resolution to renew my focus and finally find a solution!
Before this thunder rolls, Lord hear my cry
Stay by my side and be my guide
Throughout this ride of life
Please provide for me and keep your arms open wide
Be my source of pride, Lord, with me abide