Easier Said Than Done
[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
People have different definitions of love
Some say love is friendship set to music
Well ours has a nice rhythm and a smooth beat
But whenever it plays I always tend to lose it
Who thought this one girl could be the only thing I think of every minute
Shes become my absolute obsession, every dream I have shes in it
I can't get her outta my mind, that's alright by me cause she belongs there
She outshines these other girls by so much man, it's not even fair
I swear, to me she seems like an angel sent from heaven
Shes the only one I wish for when the clock hits eleven eleven
But I can't always tell if I'm on track
Especially when she doesnt respond back to eye contact
I know I've done some things wrong
But I won't apologize for the feelings that I can't take back
Girl, youre always overreacting with the drama
Makes me feel like I'm on stage
Well I've tried to stick to the script
But we're never on the same page
Here you are again, claiming I dropped the ball
But then you hung up and claimed they dropped the call
No really, I'm not blaming you at all, just trying to make this work
But when things go bad, you always seem to make them worse
So instead I'm the one getting called out, who's referred to as a jerk
Man I wish you could understand
How hard it is to fix someone that’s been hurt
I just want you to know, I cried last night cause I didn’t want you to go
Maybe the reason the pain moves through me
So slow is that I never want to let go
But all this heartbreak and heartaches aren’t safe for my heart’s sake
Im starting to wonder if we really should stay together
Probably cause all my friends are saying it's just better to forget her
I don’t know, but just maybe I'm beginning to understand
How were playing the game of hearts
And all you want are diamonds in your hand
Yeah, beginning to see the technicalities of your two personalities
And finally seeing the difference between the fake one and the reality
I always had two options, but I could never decide
Left or right, I couldn’t make up my mind
But in the end I chose what was right and left you behind
But now my confidence is shot, man down
And that’s the only reason I can't find a good catch, hands down
So when people say 'Why don’t you just move on to the next one?'
Well for the same reason I rap this, it's easier said than done!