I Want It Bad
[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
I want it bad, that feeling of success
From something I've never had, before
No longer waiting for opportunity to knock on my door
I'ma go in and lay it all out on the floor!
Basically, my mindset before starting the tourney
We had both our teams set off on an incredible journey
With the girls trailblazing their way to the final four
They had a great chance to advance, but fell just a few points short
All I could seem to tell them was how this was an amazing ride
Still hurt me so bad to see them all break down and cry
Believe me, I felt that emotion too
But always remember ladies, you were among the chosen few
Later that night our game felt like one of revenge
The guys and I beat a great team, so our season didn't end
Each of our parents kept saying how we made it
But going into the game, we were still not the favorite
We understood our fate was in someone else's hands
So I guess winning that game wasn't in God's plans
On the night of the championship we dropped the ball
Where they say the real players are proven
I couldn't let it hold me back
The next day I was outside shootin'
Thinking to myself and wondering 'Will I ever find a solution?'
I can't help it, it keeps on replaying in my head
Tried to put it to sleep, but I can't even go to bed
Hopefully the pain will pass someday
I'm thankful though that the memories will last always
But if you're still talkin' shoulda, woulda, coulda been
Then I guess you never really understood this kid
I know if we had won this rap would be different
But the message would remain the same
I'd still want to go out and get it!
I'll stay on my skills and make sure I stay solid
'Cause this game never ends and the next step's college!