The Impact
[Verse 1: FR33STYLE]
Whether emotional, strong, deep, harsh, or even controversial
In the end, I want to reach a connection that's universal
When it comes down to it, people want to make a lasting impression
Really, I'm just like any of you trying to find a suitable way for self-expression
And I hope I reach different people with that kind of versatility
Honestly, I must thank Him for giving me this ability
I am a Christian rapper and I hope that I serve Him through this
There's many ways to praise God and I want to through this music
He sent His Son to die for me and for you
A faithful witness is what I choose to be
So thank you Lord, and thank you all for giving me this incredible opportunity
That's why I call myself FR33STYLE because just like you, I'm unique
I hope that you can tell that from the way that I speak
You see, there are no curses in my verses
Why would I want to take something meaningful
And suddenly make it worthless
But how you look at it is really up to you
After all, it's just my personal view
That the best songs serve as a mirror
Where people see themselves when they hear it
I often imagine the day when they truly connect with my lyrics
Cause then I would know that they've become a part of the spirit!