The Rapture
Elemental Choppers
[Verse 1: Mythical]
Yo we comin' in like a pack of wolves
When I pull something they all try to zoom
You should go excuse yourself when I try to stay
You should lose yourself, I know I'm flyin' up like a UFO if you try to beat me, you'll hurt your throat, before you hear me rap
Don't forget the bread 'cause I'll make you toast
I'm the best of the rest, I will treat my own teacher like an unpleasant guest
When it's me against her we go face to breast
Somebody get me the can cause I think I just spotted some trash
I should've warned you earlier not to get too close cause I will turn you to ash
If you get in my way, you will gain the shame
And you will lose the fame, if you just text your girl and didn't get the text you expected
It might have been cause I just intercepted
Whenever your thinking of peeking nobody is speaking forget the beginning cause when im beating nobodys competeing and I gotta keep winning the game

Verse 2: Echo

[Verse 3: 3DVAIT]

[Verse 4: Chronic Boss]

[Verse 5: Rapture]
I'm the greatest rapper to ever step on the mic
I don't give a fuck about your motherfuckin rights
Watch your fuckin mouth boy cause I don't play nice
When you made it to a place where shit talk thrice
I'm a fuckin dick, don't tell me something I already know
Fuck all these faggots you hear up on the radio
Cause I'm a monster, monster
Might go slower but I'm conflict, constant
It's nonsense what you faggots brag about
Imma put a sign saying "no sucker emcees allowed just mother fuckin choppers"
Hit after hit cause motherfucker boxers
We ain't gentle elemental, we ain't friends hoe
Don't get sentimental, and if you don't like, take a fuckin shot boy but that's suicide
Killin emcees for a pound of meat, in fact lately I've been on a killing spree
Me and my siblings feeling me, but I chop em all up with no apologies
Start off with a limb, ask me how many mother fucks I give
Well it's not too many, check my victims cause I got plenty
Fuck one bitch then I'm off to the next ho
Chop y'all up with the help of Echo
And if I've captured- your attention you should know I'm Rapture
I got a biblical limb, a cynical brain and I'll put you to shame
You mother fuckers know I'm insane in case you ain't notice the strength of my game
Imma show you this shit won't even fill it the same
(???bye the felicia???) No I'm quite the nice guy
Just hit the round and man, time flies
Just yesterday I was playing different levels
Now I'm in this bitch like a mother fucking devil
Gotchu, gonna kill you, you dont know what the skills do
Just shut the fuck up and take these fuckin pills boo
Listen to the sound of my voice bitch I make waves all because of my insane brain
[Verse 6: SM]

[Verse 7: Nihilist]

All of these fuckin rappers tryna rap fast but ain't got the lyrics to back it up whenever they stackin up cause all you motherfuckers who are mackin up, don't you see that I'm bringing the facts and then I vaccinate whenever workin on the track and then I'm attackin em, this is Nihilist, this is better than an automatic bumping the way I'm gonna be wrecking, so why the fuck you stupid motherfuckers step into this, don't you see that I'm the best emcee that there will ever be and no motherfucker can ever test with me
Cause I'm gonna fuck you all up, thinkin you got a chance, well you're gonna be givin the ball up, I don't really give a damn, ain't nobody comin to false up, why the fuck you messin with the best of the best , every single time I get up with the verbal pesamest
None of you all can ever step to this or ever wreck this shit and I'm gonna elect a zit, and I'm gonna take the biz with all these syllable rhyme schemes, don't you see that none of y'all can ever mess with me cause I'm breakin you down like Thymenes, that's no enzyme , when I rinse I'm, I don't really give a damn cause I'm just gonna rhyme for the days and ace the base and pace so you all can never base the base whenever I beat the pace, then I'm gonna read the praise whenever I'm gonna make you retrieve like razor blades that face the face right in your face
Don't you see that this is the way that I gotta do it with no other disputing every single time I come and get em diluted and I don't really give a damn cause I'm a Ludacris hooligan and when it's time (luring the den???)
Don't you see I'm better than them every single time I come and get it cause all of you motherfuckers are for feminine but I don't really give a damn cause I'm better than Eminem whenever they come and get em and then I'm gonna come re bringing em
Every single time I come and get em I'm embarrassing them, I don't really give a damn cause I'm a track in the back in a sack whenever I'm snappin a back then I'm packing a Mac then I freeze you motherfuckers thinking you got a chance on us and how big because they talking how much money they stack but none of y'all can ever fuck with that

[Verse 8: ERA]
Step upon the premises and spit it like a veteran
So if you want to battle, I will show you how to get it in
Anybody know about him? Then, you better mention him
Cause ERA is a chopper with the flow becoming rhythmic
Got them looking for me in account of my status
They want to see the chopper try to massacre planet
Ain't nobody knowing how to get it or damage
Bet, I'm going to be the one to put the planet in panic
Come up to bringing it back and I'm coming to kill them all with the penmanship
Thinking the people is ready for Era, I'm gonna be keeping them listening
They don't really want to go with the Era, they're gonna be getting their wigs a-split
Breaking their back and I'm bringing it back with more time to kill these tricks
They don't want to battle? I'mma put them in a hearse
Elemental Choppers, homie got to put in work
Messing with the Era knowing he will go berserk
Really going to be the one to put you in the dirt