Human in Disguise
[Hook: Matisyahu]

[Verse 1: Benefit]
Dishonest politician, calm and always on his mission
Connin' all of those who listen long enough to his position
He's hollerin' hollow promises, followin' dollar signs
They wallow in all his comments
They're swallowin' all his lines
The campaign trail, they travel and have a nation
Babblin' aggravation, they dabble in fabrication
And then every dollar and cent that they borrow and print
Tomorrow is spent on wars full of sorrow and debt
Until the currency collapses
World is turnin' on its axis
And there's riots in the streets, and it's burnin' into blackness
National insecurity, irrational fury
It's all unsustainable, about to crash in a hurry
And who will fight for us?
The corrupt coward dies a thousand times on his power rise
So it's really no surprise, he's just a human in disguise
Just a human in disguise, just a human in disguise

[Hook: Matisyahu]

[Verse 2: Benefit]
The honest common citizen's a systematic victim
But he doesn't realize that it's the system that has tricked him
And has stripped him of his rights
And convinced him that he's free, so against his sense he won't Commence to hop the fence and flee
But the truth is something evident, that common sense can see
And he feels an ominous presence that dominates the scene
Now he's watchin' the TV and he's sort of confused
'Cause they're distortin' the views
They choose to report in the news
Plus he's dead-broke, he can't afford to be used
By any system that's rigged to let the poor be abused
And he sees the politician's plan to profit on disaster
And he realizes Babylon's a propaganda master
So, now he keeps his eyes wide-awake
Not surprised by the fake lies devised by the snake
And he keeps his faith in the fact that the truth will forever rise
Whoever tries to sever ties to clever lies never dies