Metal Is Out
[Verse 1: Malik B]

I'm trying to deal life, paying the Cross the real price
Man, it get rough, knowing these Timbs can get scuffed
When I walk through, n***as ain't trying get talked to
Wanna show love? Man, these Jokers show snubs
So I don't know whatchu you yelling, "Geronimo" fo'
Looks like us n***as standing behind you, Carry a fo' fo
Don't even want no money, he wanna kill sh*t
He stuck on that silly, 'fording a blunt, keep it real sh*t
I try to level it out, the Devil is out
But all that Heavy, Metallic Metal is out
Several ways to save self medical pays
Up in Amsterdam puffin' that incredible haze
The inevitable cannot be probably be measurable
I'm going different places that I thought I never would go
Maybe do Conan O'Brien on the Letterman Show
Talk about Life or maybe when I walk with a wife
Sometimes what I thought was precise was all for suffice
Since, of course, I was all for the price
And since Life is a gamble, I'm all for the dice

[Verse 2: Benefit]

Ayo, I wake up in the morning and breathe in this mist
And start reasoning, "What’s the reason I even exist"
"Will I be leaving this freezing abyss grieving and p*ssed
When I cease and desist breathin’, deceased and I drift?"
"Why does evil exist? Why do diseases infest
Increasing my stress ‘til a heart attack seize in my chest?"
But I believe in the truth, that’s the reason I’m blessed
Avoid the Grim Reaper with the big sleeves on his wrist
The corrupt hearts of men, but evil invents
Deceitful events, deceive and to receive an immense
Sum of funds at the people’s expense, it’s a mess
No one comes to the people’s defense, I confess
I've been stressed
What’s the sense? I barely sleep when I’m tense
But I can’t complain when there’s people sleeping in tents
It’s intense, and even worse people reeking of stench
6 feet in the earth, sleeping deep in a trench