Mad Fowl
"In my lecture, I hope to make you all aware of our good friends, the birds. Theirs is a noble history, and through it all, man has played an conspicuous part."

[Verse 1]
First of all, I don't care if she has the cutest smile
She's an angry bird if her att**ude is fowl
Saying stuff sideways, talking out her cheek
Nothing but gossip squawking out her beak
What's worse than an angry bird? A bunch in a flock
They'll have you going postal, clutching a Glock
To kill a mockingbird, if your chick talks slick
So many angry birds, the hood's like a Hitchc*ck flick
With chicken heads always clucking around woodpeckers
The type of chick to work at the hood Checkers
And the bird that wants you to get in bed
Is only walking pigeon-toed cause she wants you to give her bread
While you work hard, saving money for a few days
She'll be robbing your wallet to buy Blue Jays
And thats a cardinal sin, if she wants to borrow the car again
Don't let the chicken in the coupe

"I ain't trippin'"
"Angry birds are mad foul"
"no question" "foul styles galore"
"rock an eagle head" "angry birds are mad fowl"
[Verse 2]
She was pretty in the club, you were tooken like a hostage
Wake up in the morning and she's looking like an ostrich
One of my chicks flew over the cuckoo’s nest
Now's she's living on the corner in a Fubu vest
Swallowing nuts, and seeing this stuff ain't healthy
Basic birds love tweeting a duckface selfie
If her makeup's as colorful as parakeets
Run the opposite direction with a pair of cleets
Don't be a c*cky fool talking to a c*ckatoo
Thinking that its cool til her boyfriend c*cks a tool
And that bird you think you're liking to marry
Cops come around, she's singing like a canary
Make sure that birdbrain's functioning, bro
And get your life together, get your ducks in a row
And before you get married and say the words "I do"
Ask her mom's opinion and get the bird's eye view


"I mean, I'll tip if somebody really deserves a tip. If they put forth the effort, I'll give them something extra. But I mean, this tipping automatically, it's for the birds."