I Can’t Win
[Chorus] Repeat 8x

The green and white
Is on my back
Trying to bring me down

[Phone rings] 3x

Pacific Bell with a called call from
Yeah I do
Except the phone call

[Verse 1]

I take a look true my book
And the days of a crook
Shit I took
And I cooked
And a cop got shocked
Wasn't fine with a group
Call 7-9
Come true the town
Wasn't hard to find
Put my foot up in the pen
I had to stack my bank
Ben Frank's
Of this cocaine base
And I would
Die for this
Cause I
Strike for this
Try to take my gat
And then my
Nine gonna speak
Cause you should know I served time
And it's going to paid-me
But the old G's told us n***as to just keep on stepping
Cause these bustas
Is coming to bust us
So put some muscle in your hustle
And just row with the punches
And since that day
I began
To pack a mutha-
Fucking gun
We weren't not sleeping
When I was about my scratch
I had to had that fat sack
To make my pockets fat
Remember all them late nights
Remember all them hood rat bitches
On my muthafucking dick
Cause I had these riches
Put the cops on my jock
Cause I'm slangging rocks
On the block
Hella high thinking I can't be stop
But these bustas
Kinda shady
Trying to pay me
Fade me
Tip the cops off
To where I get my rocks at
God tham
I can't win
Now I'm locked up in this
Muthafucking pen

Dial Tone...