Color Blind
[Verse 1: Ice Cube]
Here's another day at the stoplight
I'm lookin' in my mirror so I can see who can see me
South Central is puttin' Ice Cube to the test
With four brothers in the SS
Now I can't go around and can't back up
So I gotta peep game layin' in the cut
Is this a jack or a kidnap?
Since I'm never ever slippin', I'm fully strapped
I grab my gat out the glove
Do these fools got a problem with me, or do they got love?
And when the light turn green, I don't bone out
I wanna see what these black men are all about
'Cause if it's my time, I'm just short
If not, I'm pluggin' they Super Sport
First they get behind my ride
Then they switch lanes to the left side
I'm scopin' out the one smokin' indo
Comin' up fast, rollin' down his window
He threw up a sign, I put away my nine
Fool, 'cause I'm colorblind

[Verse 2: Threat]
Killer Cali', the state where they kill
Over colors 'cause brothers don't know the deal
And they'll cap you, not if they have to
But if they want to, first they might confront you
But every n***a on my block can't stop
And he won't stop and he don't stop
Not to the bang bang boogie, but they like to gangbang
And rookies ain't the only ones that drop
Some say the little Locs is gettin' a little too Loc
And when it come to dust, they kick up the most
Say the wrong words
Then whistle down the street to your homies like a bird
Bust a U-turn, come back and get served, n***a
For the women, it don't matter how loud they blouse get
For men, the wrong color outfit can get your mouth split
It's a shame, but it ain't no thing to me
'Cause I sling these things like a G
It's on, it's anybody killer for the summertime
I gotta get another nine even though I'm colorblind
[Verse 3: Kam]
I'm fresh out the county on bail
And no sooner do I get out, seems like I'm right back in jail
For some gang related activity
'Cause every day, different fools try to get with me
For no more than a color or territory
Can't rehabilitate 'em, that's the sheriff's story
So what's left?
The judge goes deaf
When you try to tell your side
And you ain't blue-eyed
Boy, you better duck 'cause the book is comin'
So just hand your car keys over to your woman
Because it ain't no sunshine where you headed
And this shit'll drive you crazy if you let it
But now I got time to think
Because they hit me with everything but the kitchen sink
And I ain't even shed a tear
'Cause believe it or not, they got more love for me here
Now picture that
But on a black and white photograph
'Cause brothers, you don't know the half
On the streets, I was damn near out of my mind
But ever since I've been down, I'm colorblind

[Verse 4: WC, Coolio, & Both]
Now here's the game plan, yo, at a quarter to nine
I was told to peel a cap on the other side
Yo, young and dumb and full of cum, I’m a baby Loc
I gotta put in work for the hood and that ain't no joke
Stable and able, but I'm not ready and willin'
'Cause I'm only thirteen and I ain't never did a killin'
Grabbed the AK and jumped in the G ride
Started up the bucket and headed for the other side
Yo, spotted the enemies, now I'm on a creep tip
Hit the five dollar stick and I put in my clip
So I jumped out the car and no matter what the cost
I had my mind set on sendin' n***as to Harrison Ross
Caught one from the back and I looked in his eyes
Thinkin', "Should I peel his cap, or should I let him survive?"
Yo, I'm trapped in the plan designed by the other kind
I ain't contributin' to genocide
This sucker's colorblind
[Verse 5: King Tee]
N***as in the hood ain't changed
And I've finally figure out that we're not in the same gang
'Cause I walk the alleys of Compton with nowhere to turn
Every which way, I get burned
Baby Boo wears blue, Big Fred wears red
Put 'em together, then we color 'em dead
Dead, dying, gettin' smoked's like part of the fun
They get smoked just to show how many come to the funeral

[Verse 6: J-Dee]
I understand how all my homeboys feel
'Cause I've been shot and to this day I pack my steel
'Cause I was born in a certain territory
Where you don't talk, only the streets tell stories
Where blue and red bandanas on the street
And if you're slippin', you'll be six feet deep
See, me and T-Bone, we pay it no mind
And for the rest of the Mob, we stay colorblind

I thought I could get into caring, but if I started caring, then I would get sloppy