Get the Fist
[King Tee]
Get a taste of the heat while I burn down the streets
Time to recognize who wore the white sheets
Gafflin me up and I'm fightin cause they got me
Known as a King knowin what they did to Rodney
I know you know the deal, it's open season on my race
I'm black and I'm proud to be lootin in your face
But yet I'm real smart, cause see, it's a plan
To lock up and shut down the black man

Yeah, you can play that role like you ain't with it if you wanna
But it's on to the break of dawn
I said it's just 'a few good men' when we were fightin
I guess it'll be more good men now we're united
Now all of a sudden they wanna bring in troops
N***as in my hood been gettin loose and buckin fools
But now we're gettin wiser, you can tell by the fires
That they're fed up, the war is on us

[MC Eiht]
What happened to the drive-by killings?
Ain't nothin poppin no more cause brothers now chillin
From every hood to block to corner to street
Not black-on-black, the other color gets beat
Mh, I guess it's time for brothers to turn the page and
Let out some rage and bang a Caucasian
Geah, MC Eiht got the pale face runnnin scared
Gang of blue, fuck the white, I'm down with the red
Doin dirt, at the time I thought it couldn't hurt
So I became a jackin expert
Lootin, scootin uptown cause they're shootin up a clown
That fuckin pig in the blue suit
That pig, sow, buster-ass copper
Pointin my bazooka at your pork chopper
You passed me a lump just a month back
That's why I got my hand on the pump, jack

[HOOK 2x]
You can get with that, or you can get with this
You can get the boot, or you can get the fist

Heary heary, y'all come kick it, man
I never thought I'd see a thousand Crips in the Nickerson
Gardens, pardon my manners
I saw the Bloods and Crips wavin big black banners
Bandanas tied, straps on their side
Cause in the projects it was a lotta black pride
And I remember the time I couldn't answer my pager
Cause if you were slippin your enemy come and gauge ya

It's the KAM and Watts Up, damn, this is like a dream
It feels good, cause every hood is on the same team
Archrivals got the five-o's kinda nervous
They layin in the cut but I know they wanna serve us
And I'm certain it's hurtin Daryl Gates
He rather have a brother pressin California license plates
While the media gets greedier for ratings
It's 12 o'clock at night but I'm rollin gold Daytons
And it's cool cause ain't nobody trip but the cops
Deep jeep bass comin from the rag top
It took more than a letter to pull us black together
But that goes to show you, never say never
I seen the tape, I didn't have to see it twice
Never seen nothin like it in my life, 12 blind mice
Is this the end, where we begin
Makin friends with Mister Chen?
From the dirt to the streets to the avenues
Way, way deep, deep in the Zoo

[Ice Cube]
Would you believe
Not guilty, the filthy devils tried to kill me
When the news get to the hood the n***as will be
Hotter than cayenne pepper, cuss, bust
Kickin up dust is a must
I can't trust a cracker in a blue uniform
Stick a n***a like a unicorn
Born wicked, Laurence Powell, foul
Cut his damn throat and I smile

[HOOK 2x]
You can get with that, or you can get with this
You can get the boot, or you can get the fist