Return To Spirit
In the wake of heaven
Be aware we tread on sacred ground
If you fall, crawl back to the path
Where rapture can be found
Assent to your inward grace
Evoke serenity in your heart
Absolve all those who try to harm
Forgive as they depart
Return to spirit
Embrace divinity within
Beware of minions bearing glittering gifts
Where vultures prey on the lost
Blinded by darkness, hidden under rocks
With bright black hearts of false
Evade the zealotists and sycophants
Who basely praise the darkness in your name
Shadows will fall beneath a spectrum of light
When the blessed congregate
When the dawn breaks without you
The will of life shall resonate
Scattered ashes blown upon the silent earth
Eternal bliss awaits
Return to spirit
The path of rapture can be found
Return to spirit
Heaven is here and now