[Verse 1]
Woke up out my sleep
I wipe the crust up out my eyelids
Supposed to be up at 11, damn, but fuck it, I’ll live
Hop in the shower, then grabbing the keys up off the island
I shouldn’t drive, but fuck it my mind on autopilot
Took all my vitamins, borrow my mama’s ride and then
Go on my way, my guys and them, just a mile away
Forgot to mention that I do not got my license yet
But crime and violence don’t bite unless you invite them in
But with a mind of an addict, then they just might come in
Anything for a fix, Xanax and Vicodin
Do anything that you say, this ain’t no Simon says
Marijuana and pharmaceuticals, I digest
You got a problem, then suck it up is what I suggest
‘Cause sticks and stones they can break your bones into smaller bits
Breaking promises, I need a break from all of this
I’m at my breaking point, take a gun where my noggin is

It seem like just the other day I was
It seem like just the other day
It seem like just the other day I was
It seem like just the other day

[Verse 2]
My phone at 5 percent, gloves and mask where the console is
Constant thoughts, overthinking until unconsciousness
This Honda Civic a sauna, no fan installed in it
The A/C broken, but somehow we ride with confidence
This parking lot is too occupied, we can’t dodge the feds
The whole department on look out, so we cannot be missed
On top of all this, moms is calling and I forget
This small tank only gon’ last me tonight, so then
Hop out with all of my guys, we look like army men
Camouflage in the darkness, but we ain’t started yet
Pop up the trunk, if it’s locked then we use the bobby pin
Take out our bags and the bag we gon’ have the body in
We bout to pack it with branches and broken body limbs
It's hard to breathe wrapped in plastic without the oxygen
We throw the mask on now suddenly we anonymous
We make our way to the forest and then we hop the fence
It seem like just the other day I was
It seem like just the other day
It seem like just the other day I was
It seem like just the other day

[Verse 3]
He screaming "help me", nobody can help him if they tried to
Unfortunate that I had to do this, cause I ain’t want to
Apologize you tried putting me and the past behind you
But everything catches up to you, even in the bible
Apologize for the lack of time but I’m not the type to
Try to wait for the light to go 0 to 99, don’t
Got any patience, in life this is the path that I choose
No type of patience for-
(Aye wait, I saw his eye move!)
No time to waste, ‘cause the police gon be here any minute
I thought we killed him, but seems that he still got soul left in him
Before he wake up again, it’s best that we get to diggin’
Grab the shovels so we can finally say we finished
Let’s get the furthest we can, I know the neighbors nosy
I’m hearing sirens, see flashes I hope its not the police
I think he finally gone, I see his face is dozing
Here lies the grave of the man, I call the old me