Amanda Perez
The Call (Skit/Interlude)
Ah, this Amanda?
This is uh Mighty Mike from Skipo Studios
I, I hear ya sing while write and rap
You forgot play and perform [Incomprehensible], lil' stoog
Ahuh lil' stoog? What's a lil' stoog?
That's what we call them Wacka Ween is, that keep callin'
And you the seventh on this month, lil' stoog
Ahuh, so what are the other boys offering you?
Bang and a ride in a back of a Limo
That's what I'm talkin' about, that's where they're screwin' up
I'm talkin' drivin' yourself your own keys to Bentleys and Benzes
And [Incomprehensible] drive ways
Oh, that's how you do?
And Beverly and Belair where the house are so damn big
They got sinks made of gold
Where your back yard pool is so big
You could do a sequel to the damn Titanic in it
How about you next to Leonardo and Leno?
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about
What about the Grammys performing there then winning them
This is what I offer you
Come with me, sign with me Amanda
Are you in?
Fo sho
Good now get your ass on a jet plane
You're comin' to L.A. baby