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"Do It Again"

[Intro: Cam'ron]
Man I f*cked a lot of b*tches man (true)
Made a lot of money (true)
Made a lot of enemies (true)
Would I do this sh*t all over again, I dunno
That's a good question, (You right about that) would you do your life over again?
I know I f*ck fat ass Tasha one more time if I have nothing else to do
I f*ck that b*tch one more time, that ass was fat

[Verse 1: Cam'ron]
Yo, shorty get a desk and chair
Now let the guest appear
But if you knew my life you'd shed a tear where
From the f*cked up scar to the tough luck bar
To my cousin's final chapters in a crushed up car
A hero I be from the plural IVs
Capisce a few cats tried to muralize me (for what)
Cause I drive a fresh Benz and collect ends
But I lost brothers and best friends
Word life, we all brethren
But we don't speak and ain't nobody budgin
Cause we all stubborn
Yeah, we let the hate rise
Give each other fake fives
Look back peripheral give each other snake eyes
True in all sequels (true)
You too of all people
Guess they right money is the root of all evil
A n*gga front on them though I trigger the M
I don't know guess it's just the type of n*gga I am
I live my life a thug
Live my life with drugs
f*ck everybody else, I live my life for Blood
So Lexus, [?] and I got keep trees near
Cause Blood supposed to be here

[Hook: Destiny's Child] (x2)
All them rhymes we sung
All those crimes we've done
All those times was fun
But would you do it again?

[Verse 2: Jim Jones]
One of my worst fears, is being stuffed in a hearse
Six feet deep getting crushed by the dirt
Bury me with rings so when I'm plucked from the earth
Every mothaf*cka see how much it was worth (we makin money)
I see y'all discussing my best misjudging of my worst
And all my life put in nothin but work
Don't talk about how I was such a big flirt
I never slowed down cause I was f*ckin with skirts
I mean since the early days I was cuttin from church
Y'all talk about things I've done to my life
You talk about things that I've done to my wife
I know where I'm going second coming of Christ
I do this for my n*ggas, who never get no cheddar
For my n*ggas upstate, that'll never get a letter
For my vitally sick, that would never get no better
For my n*ggas in the cold, that would never get a sweater
For the life I lead, things I done
A n*gga went to school I had to bring my gun
A n*gga had to hustle I had to sling them jumbs (I feel you man)
As the man of the house I had to bring income

[Hook: Destiny's Child] (x2)

[Verse 3: Cam'ron]
Yo, this life I should rock again? (huh)
Stand on this mothaf*ckin block again?
Almost get shot again (it was tough out there yo)
See alotta men get shot up bad
Back up hobblin sister out gossipin (get em' to the hospital)
So I don't rhyme for executives
It's imperative do it for my jail bird consecutive
Get my messages, hell no
On my block n*gga never live, one room 7 kid
Screamin mother overhead, no one fed
Two plates, one fork sour milk and a loaf of bread
But I shook it off smiled of course kid
My girl wild out on some child support sh*t
Out exhausted obsolete y'all (y'all)
But girls will flip like Dominique Dawes
I'm not here to teach y'all, just here to reach y'all
If I do my life over, I'd repeat all

[Hook: Destiny's Child] (x4)

[Production by Darrell "Digga" Branch]

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