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"The Corn (Get Wit It)"

[Production by Darrell "Digga" Branch]

Girl: I saw the corn
Reporter: Okay, cut it! What is all this sh*t about the corn...

Yeah, yeah Bloodshed
My n*gga Mase Murder, the deal
Big L, Killa Cam
Tell 'em where you been Killa

[Killa Cam]
I went to Texas lethal, caught wreck with people
Who have injected infected needles, [?] several people
Favorite birds the desert eagle, killa slices
Colder then ice is, one of the trifest
Hypest to shiestest y'all run like mices in a crisis
Y'all never hear nobody did me in
I be in Lebanon with the Libyans, now it's just Caribbean
I blow f*cking tally on, cause I got money pals on tours
Selling big thousand on crack, smack and Tylenol
All I got's the crack option, 031's what I wrap rocks in
In '89 when I was slap boxing, now I box on padlocking
And gat c*cking and gat poppin', doing drive bys out the black Datsun
I ain't little but vicious, guns no misses
You feel me, kisses or wishes, before I break you up like dishes
f*ck your bosses, my forces, endorse this
To kill all your sources y'all n*ggas best be cautious
No losses my fortress, is Jaguars and Porsches
Ride to OTB to check my money on the horses
My whores is flawless, my block one of the broadest
Off the main attraction for them whitey ass tourist
Then I torch this and scorch this, with out no remorse's
Leave their bloody body to be found in Mount Morris
Harlem leave 'em scoreless, I shoot your b*tch and leave you broad less
So if you want we can start the static like a cordless

[Murda Mase]
I only dress In what I'm blessed with
Nautica and Guess sh*t, connected
With G's, cross the country that respect it
[??], while in each state, me and my peep's waste
D's while they F-E-D's , be trying to keep Mase
Good thing a police take, only seen my D's face
I'm running from civilians with a million in my briefcase
Navigate, passed state, with half a cake
Their's cash to make, my continents in any placid lake
Blast holes for Gs, and G's is what my chest holds
So much ice on my neck, I might catch a chest cold
Vexed are varyin', I'm known to scare vary' man
When I bring beef n*ggas like be vegetarians
Tell your man in the BM, when the clock hits the PM
He better watch his cerebrum, my people come to see him
f*ck the drama, all my n*ggas bring that on the reg
And infra-red beam is on your head, by time you see it y'all be dead

I run with Wildcats like Villanova
Y'all smoke crack and kill Jehovah
Before you bump into this villain sober
Causing the controversy that n*ggas be illing over
To have the children who be chillin' in your building killin'
My skills is trife as hidden scriptures from Hitler
And if I'm out to get ya give ya mom a picture
Cause she'll miss ya. I roll with sniffers that annihilate
So if you try to violate, I have you under pressure like a trail date
Even if you tried you couldn't get with it
That last n*gga that tried was crucified with his sh*t splitted
I pull the plug so all the chest get going
Cause my tech be blowing
So hard it leaves vests and large intestines showing
God I peeped you, go ahead and try to set it
But don't act sweet, or you'll get beat, cause I can't stand it like a diabetic
Peace to hustlers, with integaras and cellulars
And 1-80 scars across their jaws and their jugulars

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