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"Ghost Of Dipset"

[Produced by Thelonious Martin]

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
One of the illest n*ggas doing it, you should thank me
Art in your ears, I paint the image like I'm Banksy
A1, keep it all the way tall, lanky, rolling up another one
Bumping kid frankie
n*gga getting chicken extra dinner rolls
f*ck the politics, see many come, many go
Few real n*ggas, few n*ggas told
Broke hearts like when Ewing missed the finger roll
And only if you in it, then you really know
Bad b*tch centerfold, Uber cab send her home
n*gga pure dope no stamp on me
Count on me to keep it g, you could bank on me
Ah, I've been on my sh*t
They call it showing love
Nah, call it sucking di*k
Speaking of that, face f*cking my Cambodian b*tch
Soundtrack provided to you by Thelonious
We own this sh*t
We own this sh*t like
Like any look I do I own it
Can't copy or clone it

[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
I show stop, hop out in my bath robe
In high 'lo socks
Sweat shorts to my calvs
Joints kinda look like knickers
But I'm not that type of n*gga
This a different type of get up
It's rare, bagging up
Still got OG in my nails
Eyeball a half of pound n*gga, I don't need a scale
Chill, as long as they keep printing bills
I'mma never stay still
f*ck a deal n*gga, I could make a mill quicker
What Imma do with that advance, buy a meal with it?
I play the block with the youngins
Like a recruiter on any Marthin Luther
Acquainted with shooters, the randomous killings
Is pure entertainment, to a n*gga that's brainless hands
On the stainless, tryna get famous
There's a war going on outside
No man is safe from
Be aware, get hit if you play dumb

[Verse 3: Cam'ron]
Walking down Lenox, a couple homies just real with me
Seeing, Tanya 21, talking 'bout that she feeling me
She said, yo can she chill with me? Na, girl that's a sick dream
Yo what's the deal with me she's been on me since 15
You sniffin' white up you pus*y youngin' tight up
And you be talkin' to much on Twitter just doing write ups
Besides I'm wifed up her ring finger is iced up
And understand a one night stand'll
f*ck your life up
Well for me it will
Brain gone, like damn he clever
Plus I'm foul
I'll f*ck around and f*ck a family member
Or mother, sister, cousin still want to play?
She looked at me and smiled this is what she had to say

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