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"Put It In The Sky"

Kill em's good, n*gga
Time is now, man
Was real good, n*gga
It's been a while

[Verse 1]
Ride around, trunk full that funk, call it that parliament
sh*t go for 60 a brick, I got a lot of it
Glock 9, thirty shot clip still filled with hollow tips
Get up in the booth, put the beat on and knock the molly sh*t
Dope came straight out the jula, like polishin'
Watch them n*ggas that's close, know who you ridin' with
Never get caught in between, know who you sidin' with
Watch all the b*tches you f*ckin', know who you slidin' with
pus*y all slippery, wrist all glittery
One five one is the mob where my n*ggas be
Rest in peace, Train, we gon' ball in yo memory
Fifty blunts o' sour, a gallon of the Hennessy
Slow medicine, like I got the remedy
n*ggas find link, they pay the penity
n*ggas get hit with the gun that killed Kennedy
New rafe and side color, cinamon grint - cuss

This sh*t is tough, mane
This sh*t it tough, mane
This sh*t it tough, mane

I put it in the sky (that money)
I put it in the sky (the weed)
I put it in the sky (that money)
I put it in the sky (the skunk)

[Verse 2]
sh*t, if ya down, let's get it, I ride around wid it
No quarters or halfs, I'm moving by the pound wid it
Then I sit at home, gettin' dome
Bird chirpin' on the di*k, that's a chicken bone
Started touching shiz-sh*t, I sell this sh*t alone
Took her from first to third base, so I sent her home
You be happy to be me, much as sassy as Ree-Ree
But every mornin', man, [?], you happy to see me
I deserve this life, I come from hot things to murder knife
Shoot-out, knife fights, you heard it right
From a hell tale to gosh children, I'm hellbound
ATF, CIA, FBI, DOH, what the hell now?
DT's, DA, DEA, feel like hell solo, spellbound!
It's the circus stuff, so I deserve the clown
But I'm a show closer, hell, I'll blow ya curtains down

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

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