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"They Holla Ayo"

[Verse 1: Young Dro]

"Ayo!!", They holla "Ayo!" "Ayo!"
"Ayo!" "Ayo!" "Ayo!", They holla "Ayo!"

Twelve gauge chemo (Yeah!)
Blow ya bald head (What's up?)
They say money come from trees
This is raw bread (Is is!) (Damn!)
My nude bowl grip (What!?)
This is tall bread (Damn!)
Mac 90!
Double magazine!
All lead (Bow!)
n*gga ya'll scared! (Yes!)
We green packer boys! (Bless!)
If i was outta space with dope..
I'll be a Trap-A-zoid! (Goddamn)
They call me Macaroy! (Mac!)
Brown Benz almond toy
Your b*tch like my nuts..
She say this my almond joy ("I like that!")
Young dro!
I'm the first to go out craze the worst (I do)
"Slice his throat??"
Nah shoot him in the navel first!
I behave the worst
I get my scoping on! (Bow!)
You talking cheese b*tch!?
I'm all about my provolone!, Dro!

[Chorus: Young Dro]

First they holla Cam!
Then They holla Dro!
Big money
Big weed
We got that "A" and blow
When it comes to these b*tches
Gotta play me low
Every time they see a play they holla "Ayo!"

[Verse 2: Cam'ron]

Uh, We conceal by the coat
We don't ever joke!
Taught Gotti by Neal De la Croix
See! (La Costa Nostra!)
Any sucka spot Em
With any luck I'll pop Em
Blow ganga in Gabana (Word?)
Rubber Bottom
Kill ya'll witness
Where we all fitness
Ya'll snitches
WNBA! (What's that?)
All b*tches! (Faggots!)
All business
My nig
The yard ditch us (Ditches)
Call kitch
Put ya name on a small hitlist
I'll honor ya'll (Nope!)
I got land
I'm on farmer soil
The patten leathers like armor all
Four-four tucked
You ain't got four bucks
Get ya mans smacked
Mom pimped
Broad f*cked (f*cked!)


[Verse 3: Vado]

Uh, My swag spreading something serious
The whole town caught it (Caught it!)
Got em saying "Slime"
Rugby down to the Jordans (Sliiiiime!)
Lay a n*gga down
Stick around for his mourning
D.A got em singing
But the crowd ain't applauding
No holds barred when I'm spittin' it
Flow ignorant
His whole style and deliverance
Call him paperboy
Paper pal he deliver it
Five nickle
No bicycle
When deliver it! (Nah!)
They say I ain't got it
You got it Pa!
The only reason you running ya town
Cuz you ain't gotta car! (Huh??)
I got it far
Smoke dope, coke and got it hard
King Jive
Lightin' a cigar like i gotta star


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