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Cam'ron: What you expect growing up on Lenox man?
We old at a young age, n*gga

[Cam'ron: Verse 1]
First Blood died, then Reg Def
Then Big L killed, his brother Lee next
Weeyes, E stress, V next, late 90’s Lynch Mob, Lou Simms, Squeeze Texx
C2 died, Pap Lawdy gone (gone)
Lawdy ma n*gga I miss him, shot to Lawdy moms
Two 5, Hefele 33rd, he got shot in Mt Vernon, it’s a dirty world
Then grandpa Jerry, his son Theodore
Ma neighbour, Frieda, Warnell too, Jesus Lord
R.I.P. Mamsy, my boys Bert an Jazz, Vernon an DJ, Ake man- first half
They shot me, word black no dirt nap
I thank God, Henlo, the lam murf texx
It gets me bitter, forget d twitter I stay high and glitter
Cause I miss my n*ggas

You’re the sweetest thing I know
But then the rain blows cold
There’s no power on this earth
To separate us baby!

[Cam'ron: Verse 1]
No Cosby show, rocky roads
So it's f*ck haters, weirdos and c*cky hoes
I'm from Lennox Ave, shots fired, stop and roll
Or shoot back and let him catch it like a common cold
We had common goals, but even mama knows
Our drama goes Obama with the Llama, they dominoes
I'm Brett Favre, rather sorta like em
I took my cheeseheads on Jets to see my Vikings
I quarterback em, it's more than rapping
Few names won't say, but I oughta slap em
They envious of the ambiance
Guess it's strenuous living with your mom and aunt
You thirty-something
Yeah, thirty-something
No ki's, pounds, towns on the curb he pumping
I'm top model, getting model top
I bust a nut like a bottle pop, Mazel Tov


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