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"Back on Our Bullsh*t"

[Verse 1:]
On a Grammy, a baby maw on ma di*k, no battery
Girl I been there, you can stop taggin me (please!)
We do different things, so we in different places
We pop guns, bottles, models and naked faces (word)
I’m in Gucci, Louis, an MCM
On a Thursday, I’m your b*tch, MCM
sh*t, let them be them, I put it em back like empty 10
Extendo clip, n*gga wid a attitude
Where d f*ck is MC Ren?
Customers, send em in, I treat em all like gentlemen
Artistes or the athletes, doctors, lawyers and savvy men
Guns, barkin n*gga, quit your barking n*gga
So far wit no cars, believe me I will park a n*gga! (uh)
You could call me the valet! (word)
I get boat loads of wild yay
Mr West Swidda, it been a wild year
Your music is tough but dem skirts is wild gay

Uh-huh,uh-huh, back on our bullsh*t
Yea, yea, back on our bullsh*t [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Hold up, hold up, hold up!
We dem boyz!
Hit d dealership wit 2 hunid K, leave wid a toy, n*gga
Some goop f*ck yo girl one time, let d block have her ( I don’t want her)
Went at d ones in d strip club, threw ma watch at her
I’m in d kitchen bakin cakes, Betty Crock batter
Press a button, lose my roof, I got top matters
I’m in love wit ma Glock, you in love with a thot
Had dat b*tch suckin di*k when Cam drops suck it or not
AK, big beretta guns, n*ggas betta run
Diamonds come from Africa, where Nelson Mandela from
We’re rouga, Ferragamo store, going hella dumb
Stomp dis lil n*gga out until d paramedics come
Oh yea, you got a gun wid a body on it?
I take it from you an you’ll be d next body on it
I bought a lot of watches, crashed a few v’s
Had a ass on two knees for a bag wit 2 C’s

[Chorus] [x2]

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