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"Dope Spot"

[Verse 1: Cam'ron]
Listen I ain't from the slums, fought my way up out the slum
Arrogant rich n*gga, we might just vote for Trump
I load and c*ck the pump
Told that my pockets got the bumps
Rolling I don't mean no double dutch, when I tell my b*tch to jump
I put you on a mural, I'm known around the world
They call the kid oh boy but I'm rich off the girl
I cop the car, no lease, I don't want no beef
I do what I want when I want, my bank account obese
Seen that 0 that hits the dot, them hoes in the drop
Old school Harlem n*gga, 3 thousand in the socks
This weed here is crucial, y'all n*ggas stuck in neutral
I ain't what you used to, pitbulls don't talk to poodles

[Verse 2: Berner]
I don't play no games, I'm rich, got 30 chains
My face numb, take something, my heart don't feel no pain
I'm still here where I'm from, all night all I hear is guns
That was 40 in the bag, keep a 30 round drum yeah
I don't throw no ones, I don't trick on hoes
I just pulled a bad b*tch now her pus*y's on the pole
My Rolex do a show, my pinky ring is froze
The coke I cooked is pure, cookies all I grow
Rap cap but I'm really down, bet your man cash out when I come around
I'm a cut-throat crook from round the way, fish scales on the plate
This sh*t I got is strong, they love me in the Bronx
I just got to Harlem world, they said it's already gone

[Verse 3: Young Dolph]
The Rollie cost me 60, the pinky cost a dub
I'm in 400 thousand dollar coupe smoking cookies in the hood
I just go(?)
I text my n*gga and my lil b*tch when i get back
Might as well crack another seal, might as well stack another mill
f*ck it, get it, b*tch another pill
I-I got money in the bank, yeah I got b*tches in Harlem
The plug said he on the way, now I ain't gotta call him
I be countin till tomorrow, trap n*gga out here ballin
I didn't wanna go to college once I found that the trap was my colleague
Forgiattos crawling on the four whips n*gga
In less than two hours, we smoke the whole zip n*gga

[Verse 4: Wiz Khalifa]
I just got off the plane, I'm high as hell, I'm drunk as hell
She just brought her best friend, telling me she wanna f*ck as well

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