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"Killa's Cry"


See I hustled and I caught fiends but I had sports dreams
When Big L put me on his album I was fourteen
Mase got the deal sold three million out the [?]
What we been waiting for moved around state-to-state
Held'em down it was so so fresh
But he ain't put me in that deal he got with "So So Def"
And I won't pressure you for you Little Kim and Little Cease
Got treated like a mouse a little cheese
But he told Biggie Biggie told Un (Lance Rivera)
And Un had to feel son two weeks deal ("Untertainment") done
First album gold second one went eventually
That was cool but you taught Harlem they would mention me
Still hustle though n*ggas couldn't find me
I was selling rocks baby when the Roc ("RocAFella") signed me
Took my advance went and [?]
Got the (Dip)Set ready we finally got our chance
Juelz (Santana) was at Syracuse Jim (Jones) state New York [?]
Me and Zeek (Freekey Zeekey) midwest out there and [?]
Oh Oh "Oh Boy", "Hey Ma" here we go
Hype Williams no I told Jim (Jones) to shoot the videos
My connect said you getting too famous
Radio and TV he don't speak the language
And we had a run longer than a marathon
To a couple of my n*ggas I had to pass it on
Say no more cause I tell the rest later
[?] gators I would impress haters
Never I said I never try to be on best behavior
The Bank' Coupe left for me an impression on my neighbours
But Lior (Cohen) popped off Kevin Liles [?]
Blue Lamborghini [?] Michael Koch [?] shotgun
Tim Duncan you can catch me on the block son
With a fiend in the post pass the rock got one
And I'm adamant about my establishments
Don't like a long knife to your abdomen

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