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"Thank you for calling the--"
"I will be... Please hold."
I'm grimey. I like-- I still get head from crackhead
Yo this Cam, man
"What's up?"
What's the deal neal though n*gga?
"Nothin, I'm chillin."
"What's happenin?
"Nothin, I'm chillin."
I was just thinkin about the head you gave me yesterday, that sh*t was kinda good
"{laughs} So you decided to call."
No doubt. I really came to see if you were comin to the orgy this weekend
On most likely Saturday
Yeah. You got lengerie right?
"Of course."

Alright, alright. You say you ain't f*ckin with no b*tches. I told some b*tches about you already, they said they wanted to eat you, they was ready
"Oh my God! What's wrong? They don't even know me. They've never even seen me."
I told em a little description you know
"Uh uh."
A little boom, boom, boom
"You gotta stop playin
No I told them you don't get down. My n*ggas is ready though
"How you say your n*ggas is ready?"
You act like you gonna be the only girl

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