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Uh, how y'all doing out there?
I wanna welcome y'all back
Welcome some of y'all for the first time, huh? Killa
We did it again, y'all don't f*ck with us
Suck a di*k man, ayo Jones, what's good?
Santana, Freekey
They gon' be mad this time, huh?
Ayo I got my man Kay Slay up in the house
Harlem, you know what it is, what's good?

[Kay Slay]
You know how we get down, East side, El BARRIO

El Barrio up in this b*tch, ayo Kay
This b*tch blowing up my motherf*cking phone right now
Man, f*ck, hold up, hol', yo man

[Kay Slay]
Yo son

What's good?

[Kay Slay]
I gotta tell you like my dog told me
When you meet a chick, you gotsta straight slap her

Slap her?

[Kay Slay]
Yeah, when you first meet her, just slap her

Off the bat?

[Kay Slay]
Off the bat, just backhand her

Why's that, though?

[Kay Slay]
Cause later on down the line
You ain't never gotsta to worry about
That chick telling you --
"Cam, you don't treat me the way you used to"

{*Laughing*} That's what I'm saying, n*gga
But see the thing is with me
I don't understand how a b*tch can go out
Rain, sleet, snow, f*ck, suck whoever
And then go give another n*gga her f*cking money

[Kay Slay]
Nah Cam, you gotta understand
That's cause ya game is tight

Oh, nah, not me Ka', I'm talking about another n*gga
I know my game is tight, n*gga, knowhamean?
We getting ready set this sh*t the f*ck off
Jones, where we at, huh? Harlem, Harlem, Harlem...

[Verse: Cam'ron]
Yo, yo, I advise you to step son
'fore I f*ck your moms, make you my stepson
Y'all be calling me daddy, cause
The "Rag Muffin" y'all soon say
Y'all f*ck around with brother "Num-say"
Y'all gon' see doomsday
I'm a savage but colder
Now I rock karats that I'm older
See this parrot on my shoulder?
He do the talking, I ain't concerned with words
Act up, and be returned to the birds
I return with them birds, any 28 grams
A b*tch that I touch, pretty much turns to birds
I be in Miami, Boca Raton, poking your moms
Her and ya aunt all over the Don
Using a dope then I'm gone, back
Copacabana, no joke I'm bananas
Cops come for dope it's a damper
I'm low in Atlanta, get hot, go to Savana
Rush the crib, go in the hamper
Don't follow me, "Stan-a"
If you do, I'm blowing the hammer
That'll rip that vest apart, hit ya chest and heart
I ain't finished, that's just the start
You'll be calling for back up, praying for help
f*ck my life, I'm taking myself
All the aching I felt
In my crib at night, praying for wealth
b*tches dissing, "What's the problem ma? I ain't balling?"
Now every ten minutes, hoe prank calling

[Outro: Kay Slay]
Yo Cam, f*ck all this rap sh*t, man
Let's get down to business, Harlem...

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