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"Easier Said"

[Intro: Cam'ron (sample)]
(Easier said then done, done, done...)
That's exactly what it is, huh
Killa, uh

[Verse 1: Cam'ron (girl)]
Uh, cars, I keep on copping 'em, hearts, I keep on breaking 'em
Ma, it's no mistaking him (he gets dough)
They like when Gucci touch me, love when Louie hug me
Yep, it's truly ugly (that's fo' sho)
Go drink ya haterade, crib is like Flavor Flav's
Girls in flavors, babe (he got hoes)
Uh, couch is Gator, Gator, in the tank Calamari
Carpet made of Fox, my living room's a wild safari
Elevator for the cars, where you sit yours?
Park the 6 on the 6th floor (he is fly)
Get your assailants on me
Come on dog, the Feds got surveillance on me (that's no lie)
Yep, dibble, dab, it's just a riddle, laugh
You selling nickel bags (to get by)
I keep a pistol bag, in the kitchen
Bathroom, bedroom, call my house the missile pad, uh

[Interlude: Cam'ron (sample)]
(Easier said then done) Killa
A lot of dudes talking 'bout they don't care about jail
That (?), I tell 'em
(It's easier said then done)
You ain't been down on hund', Center Street to that DA's office
Have you, huh?
(It's easier said then done)
Or n*ggas talking 'bout, "Yo, shoot me dog, I'm real"
Know what I tell 'em
(It's easier said then done)
Know about that six hour surgery, two years worth of therapy
Two paralyzed fingers, knahmean?!

[Verse 2: Cam'ron (girl)]
Killa, uh, uh
So what I made a million, I'm chilling, a straight civilian
I know on the plate is killing
But I'm here to save the children
I'm a hypocrite, every day I play the building
Where the hero? But this hero, play the villain
That's the way I'm feeling, had to replace the ceilings
Landscape, and I swear
Got my neighbors grilling
So I cop some acres, God, to the top you take us
He know we not some fakers
Every day the cops come chase us
Not what they make us, we the minority
Wanna be the majority, skybox, watch the Lakers
So I could ball like Lucille
In the mall, I'm too real (he is real)
And I don't care at all how you feel
I'll fall if you squeal (they will squeal)
And ya bank account it's on Slim Fast
Drink down ya slim ass, up in a M-Class, Killa

[Outro: Cam'ron (sample)]
(Easier said then done)
I know a lot of y'all scheming on me out there
One thing's for sure, two things for certain
(It's easier said then done)
f*ck around, get ya cap clapped backwards
Better all wait to Friday to fry fish, n*gga
(It's easier said then done)
Then y'all n*ggas talking 'bout y'all getting money, man
Y'all don't know about hustling
(It's easier said then done)
Her-on's like the stock exchange, n*gga
Price go up, price go down
n*gga could sell you all paper, what's really good

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