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"Always Made It"

(Always made it)

That's what I definetely did
A man stand on his two feet
If you don't stand for something you fall for everything (true story)
AraabMuzik, Killa, let's go

[Verse 1: Cam'ron]
I keep the dezzy like Arnez, fetti, that's our biz
Jewels, made 'em p*ssy like Marquez
Cause I (Always made it)
Run with gunners with sharp lead
Crack dealers, a couple of hardheads
But we (Always made it)
40th, the part is
Rooftops, that's where the Narcs live
But I (Always made it)
Marked wheels, unmarked cars
Paid lawyer, nah, y'all won't stop ours
We (Always made it)
I style like Deniro, pal, you're a weirdo
Stay, dollar zero
We (Always made it)
0-10, out for Romero
Petty like Peschi, I'm out for deniro
I (Always made it)
Thorough, need a referral
Federal investigation, ask the bureau
I (Always made it)
Keep my foot on the pedal
Stay in hot water like I'm sterile
But I (Always made it)
Dress in red like the devil
No bronze or silver, when I say I got the metal
I (Always made it)
And the metal like a whistle
Suttin' like a kettle, money on all levels
I (Always made it)
This'll melt into a pebble
You're in LV, B, see we the rebels
We (Always made it)
To my ladies all over
Work, school, sleep, next day, do it over
They (Always made it)

[Hook: Vado]
We on our way to the top
Ain't no way we gon' stop, ain't no way we gon' drop cuz
(Always made it)
Breakin' down weight in the drop
Enough weight in the locks to have 'em waitin' in flocks
Huhh (Always made it)
Graduated, we been schoolin', they hatin', we been coolin'
8-balls we been poolin'
(Always made it)
We on line to keep provin', like men we keep it movin'
We win, y'all keep on losin'
(Always made it)

[Verse 2: Cam'ron]
Yeah, yeah, I did the welfare
But I had to go elsewhere
Cuz I ain't (Always made it)
Look mom, not to offend you
But I'm hungry and rent due
She said we (Always made it)
Ma, I hear what you sayin'
But my rims touchin' and I ain't playin', I'm decayin
She (Always made it)
Not me, but the hood applaud her
For her butter, bread, and sugarwater
Cause she (Always made it)
(True) Mmm, they was delicious too
Malicious boo, did prison too
But I (Always made it)
Yep, crooked cat, lookin' back
I ain't let nobody cook the crack
Cause I (Always made it)
(Coffee pots) Refrained from the odor
Told the game to my soldiers, when it came to my quota
I (Always made it)
No, I don't wanna scold ya
Or say, "I told ya", like clay, I'll mold ya
I (Always made it)
Know ya hoes from ya main broad, trips O.T
Thank god that I (Always made it)
Games, I don't play, names, I won't say
Sometimes you won't say, you (Always made it)
(Word) Burn 'em like Waco, pull the tre-eighto
When it comes to my pesos
(Always made it)
I'm in Raco, you are Maco
Need a girl with a booty like J.Lo, fuego
(Always made it)

[Hook: Vado:]

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