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[Intro - Cam'ron]
I'm at my man funeral (funeral x2)
Looking at his girl cry (girl cry x2)
Preacher sayin' he a good man (good man x2)
Man, that's a f*ckin' lie (f*ckin' lie x2)

I'm at my man funeral (funeral x2)
And I'm wearing all black (all black x2)
Wanna tell his mother that (mother that x2)
"Your son was a f*ckin' rat"

[Verse 1 - Cam'ron]
I wish that I could be like (be like x2)
That's what I was here to say (here to say x2)
For two years he wore a wire (a wire x2)
So we all here today (here today x2)
Then I seen his paperwork (his paperwork x2)
It was hotter than Tobasco (Tabasco x2)
And all I could think about (think about)
Was Don-(Don, Don, Don) Donnie Brasco

I spit it out like tobacco ('bacco x2)
We gon' have to kill him, yo (kill him, yo x2)
Cause I'm more like the Sopranos (Sopranos x2)
(Who you talkin?)
I'm talking Tony, Paulie, Silvio

Looking back it was lots of cream
But circle back, this is how I dream
How your man gonna plot and scheme with the government
They lovin' it
Just shot my team
I'm cooler than Pac though
When he say
"Man, somebody shot Raheem"

I'm at my man funeral (kill 'em x2)
Looking at his kids face (kill 'em x2)
But he the one that did it to 'em (kill 'em x2)
Man, what a f*ckin' waste (kill 'em x2)
Then I see his baby mom (baby mom x2)
Sayin' that she stay the strongest (strongest x2)
I'm thinking like sure, yeah right (sure, yeah right x2)
She be f*ckin' talkin' for the longest (the longest x2)

They think I went to school with 'em (didn't x2)
I thought that I knew the fool (knew the fool x2)
I really feel bad for 'em (bad for 'em x2)
But that n*gga knew the rule (knew the rule x2)
Every meetin' that we had done (we had done x2)
No snitches we stayed (we stayed x2)
He had me on fire (fire x2)
Now he gettin' cremated

He gotta leave Earth, yo (Earth, yo x2)
We ain't doing burial (burial x2)
Ten shots to the face, man (face, man x2)
Oooh kill ‘em, TerRio (TerRio x2)

Be glad we did it this way (this way x2)
Cause my dog still bark (still bark x2)
We gave him back to the family (family x2)
His status would have been milk carton

Yeah, you know that Lost and Found (Lost and Found x2)
Where they never find sh*t (find sh*t x2)
Ain't nobody see a damn thing (a damn thing x2)
That Stevie Wonder blind sh*t (blind sh*t x2)

[Outro - Cam'ron]
But I'm at my man funeral (funeral x2)
I'm at my man funeral (funeral x2)
I'm at my man funeral (funeral x2)

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