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"Dumb B*tch"

[Verse 1]

Look at this dumb b*tch, thinkin' she all that
Talk crazy, well I talk back
You need your jaw cracked, raw rap
She said, "You need yours slapped!"
I said, "MA, You can't afford that!"
Brought the mace out and switchblade, what is this fifth grade?
Said, "Cam'ron, you b*tch made!"
I don't hit women, not at at all so
I called Candy up, she called Brandy up, she called Tammy up
Tam' called Tiffany, Tiff can't stand the sweat
Tiff called Erica, Tanya and Janice up
Janice called Nika, even Havana up
They came twelve deep, three cars, bandana'd up
Seen her, beat her like a slave out in Africa
Standin' there lookin' like "Damn, I embarrassed ya!"
Blood in her mascara, now it's a massacre
Had to stop 'em, they were gonna casket her
I don't care, call ya boyfriend or ya brother up
Father or ya uncle or ya cousin we can knuckle up
Seatbelt? No, but believe I'm buckled up
You will get muzzled up, for a couple bucks
Had to let her know my sh*t was unsinkable
Character who you are, reputation what they think of you
Everybody like, "Yo, Cam, let me drink with you!"
"Link with you!" "Um, stink to you cuz I ain't do the clink with you!"
sh*t, and these bullets you can drink a few
I did links, minks, one wink, they'll get at you
Don't matter if you're senator, principal, [?]
New school, conventional, hood n*gga, pretendable
Criminal, general, taking vitamins, minerals
All identical, we'll lean you like benadryll
Spend a 'mil, make five and ten to kill
Any real, n*gga wanna be, let me know ho I'm on his heels
Wet work, I water steel, I'm sorta real
Don't come to my hood, it's Slaughterville, you oughta chill
b*tch n*ggas is Betty Boo, so Betty Bye
The 4/4's the airport, I let it fly

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