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"D rugs 2"

Verse 1:
I'm back on the street wit heat, oh boy it's good
Only two months in, Damn my lawyers good
Ten bricks and a body that's lickin rich
Tell the DA, fly f**kin' witnesses
Sittin in the cell, I could just vomit
I took the word of Elijah Mohammed, became wiser as promised
Lies not honest, got ties with congress
I don't hate to see the boys
(Why)cause the tapes can be destroyed
They on the beat walkers, in my socks searchin me
It's not hurtin me, most cops work for me
Yo where Qweet, what up ma muah what
Where D at, damn yo we need that
Yo yo, my earnin' in question, I'm burnin' and sweatin'
You knowin' jail turn me depressing, I ain't learnin my lesson
You just a dumb spouse, I ain't gone run him out
I know where to find D rugs..over Un's house

Get the f*ck off me, I'm goin to Un house
Get the f*ck off me

Verse 2:
Yo, I knocked on the door, yo yo how it's lookin Un?
You seen d rugs, yeah I was cookin him
I ran to the kitchen, Oh my God damn look at him!
What's the problem with him Un, yo he lookin slim!
What you ain't treat him right, what's wrong he ain't eatin right
You f*ckin wit him that's why you sneezin right..
What you mean duke, wit d rugs ya ass will get a mean tooth
You lookin like a fiend too
But he made me chedda, I'll take him to the death wit me
He felt the same, so the n*gga left wit me
Now we back, and dealin in hoods, huh
Reunited and it feel so good
Fiends comin thru in fleeces and sweaters
Increasin my chedda, Happy just to see us together
Now we round up new click, competition too sick
D rugs black blue six, woooo sh*t

Verse 3:
It's like I'm born to rock on the block, still clockin
Me and D rugs hug but they still watchin, no options
She said man keep them mills poppin
The only way to keep you in, they got to kill Cochran
But he mixed business and pleasure, he get to me
And I'm a Geto Boy, my mind playin tricks on me
Optional, ay yo "he still f*ck wit ya moms?"
Naw man that's impossible, "Yo I heard she left the hospital"
So I stepped to em both, needless to lie
My mother told me "naw Cam chill he was prescribed"
She got to take him twice a day to keep her alive
And I'm sittin' here shocked yo, rain don't stop yo
What's that the lots yo, who that the cops yo
Female Tahoe, connect wit the Brosco
f*ck a hard case, I'm from a mob race
Why does this f*ckin' feel like the end of Scarface
I'mma sucha sober, flip d rugs up to smell the odor
Told him, he f**ked us over
Then popped girl, to my mother, told her I love her
Plugged her, now only God can judge her
Now after this tragedy, d rugs laughed at me
He was here way before, and he'll be here after me..
Now here come the cops and the whole f**kin' calvary
Snorted d rugs and had them n*ggas blast at me

You can't kill me, I'm a f**kin killa you can't kill me

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