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[Verse 1]
Yo, 012 blank coop, what a feeling y'all
It’s a baby, one button will make the ceiling crawl
Wave bye as it goes in back of the back seat
Now say hi to the backpackers who pack heat
The crack trappers and gat clappers from back streets
Them backstabbers that'll trash rappers on wack beats
The rap stackers, that stack stacks like athletes
The gun runners that run around like a track meet
We sophisticated n educated
But run around like coke fiends that they never made it
But never hesitated, see bombs get detonated
Your mom be levitated, her arms get separated
Welcome to Harlem, on Lenox, we'll leave you devastated
His bowels betray him, in his pants, he defecated
And we practices all our marks skills
Mark Jacob, marked cards, Mark Bills, ill

What’s in my pocket, baby… that motivation
Ben frank FM you know the station
That motivation, that motivation, that motivation
Now let me hear you

[Verse 2]
When I’m into? drug deals and horse races
Indictment, paid lawyer, court cases
Smoking aces with hitmen in las vegas
You married to the money, here go ya divorce papers
Can’t compare me to em, no equal boo
Get you a deal?? you about to turn 32
I move on the movie for that root of evil true
Killa Season, 4 mil, imagine what the sequel do
That’s decimal after decimal
Theaters, Netflix, film festivals
Rikers Island, I ran around terrible
The shank ate him, how he talking when he edible?
One word for him, incredible
My whole bid homie lived up in Medical

Killa season
Netflix, film festival, …
The … how we talking when the…
One word for them, incredible…

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I lived across the street from Big L
Upstairs from Biggavel
A few block from 8 Keys, Hud, I know my n*gga well
I miss 6 and 10, I’m p*ssed again
Say his name wrong and get mummy wrapped like that man from Michelin
Y'all got the answer Cam, Saran the grams
Y'all fish market, 2-5th, Amsterdam
I ain’t talking about Gramp cuz they get wild yo
They counting down for the day my n*gga Javal home
Shout to xball players that carry wild chrome
That will leave a n*gga flatlined, dial tone


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