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(2Pac Intro)

I came up on my own imma get my own sack ion wanna be nobody worker all my life I want my on motherf*cking kilo ya understand me so thats what i did and shocka a hustle and im a hustle so everyone understand it ain't no one man gone stand in one spot for forever thats a sucka im a hustle imma come up so i took what lil bit he gave me and double up and double up and double and ive been doubling since and imma keep doubling until these n*ggas kill me
Started off with 2 he ending up with 6
Thought he was a contractor the way he flipped them bricks
His mama thought he just got drafted the way them checks just came in
He stop hopping and stack his cash for to the rim
Said he need a rarri margiela ?
He made shady cause survival was mad slim
Just had a baby took his lady out them jordan 10's put her in salen for all the pain all he know is win
Said he don't dream tripled up the profit then split it with his team threw ice in everything
Im talking 80 on his collar 30 on his wrist
That n*gga got up out that honda and he brought his self a benz
Said if he ever saw his father hell never walk again c
Cause dog he left him and his mama and he never called again
He had to raise his self became a man when he was ten
Thats when he picked up the Ye' the Rocafella and a Benz "huh'

All we know is hustle
All we do is hustle
20 in the duffle boy we look for trouble

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