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"Oughta Know By Now"

Me and V12
In the V12
Hundred twenty thousand, retail
We the globe trotters
No nose divers
What's those, Prada
Coke, copper?
No habla
Low mo toppers
Four four pop ya
Ho hopper
And I'm drinking slow
But I'm thinking dough
Damn man I miss that day ? flow
So smoke gray, long length mink in snow
That's what I'm thinking yo
And that's them kids, them the older cats
I thought I told you that
Kilogram even got a dime biz
Gotta see low hand the bottom line is
Yeah it's the UN baby where have you been

As I sit from a distance
With my killer assistants
Leaning on some n*ggas with drug dealing persistence
As far as bringing money back, consistant
A grown man staring at ? grams no kitten
Bullsh*ttin' I couldn't do
They on that who wanna do
Guns is the art of war, you should have drew
Be playing with the Roc like Booga do
Look at you
I cook it too
Get rid of birdies quicker than Boogaloo
See me on the worst shape blocks
Joey Votto on the field I got first base locked
Was told he got a flow but his verse ain't hot
n*ggas asking for half a ki but a hearse they got
Pardon me, Bob Marley when spark trees
Panamera Porsche my car key is a car key
Come on relieve me, same wrist as ?
My squad meet once a week, we meet in the Marquis

Come on let's speed this up
This the remix of the remix
Up and down Lenox yeah cops got the towers out
That don't matter a n*gga still got the powder out
Still got the sour out
Hour after hour out
Think life's a b*tch, playboy, try our route
Have your momma prayin'
Have Madonna starin' at what I'm wearin'
Turn down calls from Donna Karen
Lot of jewelry, player ain't invisible
You miserable, pitiful, a weird individual

They say V you look left, you damn right
I'm dead nice
Shine bright like headlights, her head light
Fed like, football numbers, I said hike
Check Nikes wearin', y'all sharin' them bread bites
Time to unrattle you n*ggas
Shotgun shells, bullets will tackle you n*ggas
See you face to face ain't trying to battle you n*ggas
Haters supposed to hate I ain't mad at you n*ggas

Beef, call off
Y'all all soft
We ball out, top floor, walled off
Then bird off
Made off like Madoff
No days off
Hitler, Adolf
They get more looney
Bring more goonies
This ? meets George Clooney
In the boonies
Trying to look and pursue me
Can't hurt a ?
Had to hook her like do me

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