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"Atrology (remix)"

Wait a minute, wait a minute
You ain't heard nothing
Lentra, the God
Yo, honestly
I'm high as a b*t*h

I got one sh*t left to give
I got two hella bad ladies with tits
I got three big ol' bucks for a tip
I got four, bling-bling Rollie with the wrist
Yeah, five new ladies in my DM's, what I do?
Seems like everything I dream of comes true
They all like, not for me
They use astrology (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Bbno$]
Head game crazy, need a lobotomy
Then I took her on a date, huh, catastrophe
Yeah, I'm sorry that I bust quick, it's not up to me
I got (Shh) married (Shh) to the (Shh) money, matrimony
No problem, no problem, got the keys in the car
In the front, for the whip, in the back, yeah
Her ass, that bod, have you seen it? No I haven't
Do you wanna? 'Course I do, baby girl, now what it do?
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