Hotbox Freestyle lyrics

Harlem Spartans

[Verse 1: Lil S]
SM got splashed in the day
D9 got splashed in the evening
I was p*ssed nuttin packed by night
My shank that'll sting not mosquito bites
'Nuff times done it bait on Santan bikes
Girls hug me say "what's on your waist?"
Like they don't know it's my rambo knife
Got nicked for a GBH
Got NFA cah I put CSav on my blade
Skully wanted takeaway [?] no way and instead he got wet like a lake
Cold but the strip come hot like Spain
Can't be like Tamz getting bagged for rape
RD on a ban cah he left Fields taped
Got Sav in the can cah he done it bait
Before I sleep I bill Abz, spark Abz and pray Abz don't haunt mе
I like my ones brown skinned and naughty
If I got my nank would you hold it for mе?
Pop out with Tjay my bro ain't little
Gang got selection of sweets like skittles
This is a war no way is this civil
State what you're repping don't do mate signals
Girl wanna f**k and play with my singles

[Verse 2: JMash]
Bunny boy but I ain't from Leyton
If RD swings his 'chetes again then D Road's gonna need taping
Free Snow no vaping
Not for the Zoners, or the Crashers, this smoke's here's only for aigons
I know him he's wet no raining
'017 gone mental staining
Can't be like these Peckham yutes dissing their bros, on a fake ting
Real sh*t can't make it
f**k the hood can't wait 'til I make it
Get money and save it
If you got bread and you're wet I'll take it
Everyone know JMash, ask 'bout me, they say I love splash
Hit OT come back with the cash
Pull up in Fields and I see little flash
Yadda left his scooter, hop out the dinger with shanks in hands
That was me and two man, my bro TM and my bro ASplash
Between me and Lil S and RD, and Osav that's like eight points
If I wanna make it ten points then I add A6 can't forget my boy
Slide round the A with a shank or a toy
Seen neeks run when I scream out "oi!"

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