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[Intro: ACOT]
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 1: ACOT]
10 P.M., and your hoe all in my DM
Honey dip, I know you feening
And I know you got a boyfriend
Dive in that pus*y, the deep end
You gon' get that pus*y beaten
Bustin' a nut then I'm leavin'
Ice on my wrist, boy, I'm freezin'
Spending some hunnids, I'm making it back
Blowin' some hunnids, I'm making it back
Shakin' that ass, damn, I just might hit that
Shawty so fine and she throwin' it back
I got racks, I got dope
I got sauce (Sauce)
Gucci hat, Balmain shorts
Gucci socks

[Verse 2: Young Plvg & ACOT]
Gucci racks on my fist, oh my God (Oh my God)
Shawty bad, she so fine, oh my God (Oh my God)
She make me Ma-Ma-Macari wine ('Ri wine)
Shawty so damn fine, yes, she is
Damn, girl, you're beautiful to me, damn
So many hoes but you're the only one I see
I hate when they come close to me (To me)
It makes me just think about you ('Bout you)
And all the crazy things we used to do (We used to do)
(Yeah, ayy, turn this sh*t off)

[Outro: Fred & Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy (1951–1957)]
You know I gonna—I'm gonna freeze to death lying on this floor
Yeah, like you'd care
Fred, are you gonna keep yappin' all night?
If I feel like it, yes
Oh Fred, okay, you take the bed
Come on, or none of us will get any sleep

Alright, thanks
Way it should've been

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